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Birthstone Colors

Keep in mind that your sand ceremony vases will only be at your wedding for a few minutes but the finished product will be in your home for years. You will want to carefully select colors that are meaningful for life. You may consider matching the colors of bridesmaids dresses or a color palette that will go well with your home decor. However, many brides choose instead to match their colors with their birth stones. Below is a guide to help you match the colors of birth stones with those on our site.
January: Garnet = Apple Unity Sand
February: Amethyst = Wisteria, Victorian Lilac  Unity Sand
March: Aquamarine = Capri, Ocean, Cornflower Unity Sand
April: Diamond/Clear = White or Silver Unity Sand
May: Emerald = Emerald, Clover Unity Sand
June: Pearl/Moonstone = White or Ivory Unity Sand
July: Ruby = Ruby Unity Sand
August: Peridot = Peridot or Kiwi Unity Sand
September: Sapphire = Horizon or Blue Velvet Unity Sand
October: Rose Quartz = Pink or Pink Blush Unity Sand
November: Yellow Topaz/Citrine = Saffron or Mango Unity Sand
December: Blue Topaz = Capri, Pool, Tropic, or Malibu Unity Sand
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