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Fall Wedding Color Trend - Plum

Posted on September 02, 2015 by Stacy Harbert

With fall nearly upon us, we are seeing a shift in wedding color trends. While our most popular unity sand colors like marine, cobalt, coral, and our neutrals still are on top, there is a sand color that is gaining in popularity, and that color is Plum. The rich, deep purple color of our plum unity sand is matched to David's Bridal Plum, and is a very flattering color on nearly everyone. Here are some of our favorite plum color combinations. 

 Plum and Tangerine
Perfect for fall, plum and tangerine unity sand combine to create a vibrant color due. This color combination allows for exciting floral arrangements and interesting decorating choices.

 Plum and Gray 
Either our Dove Gray or Medium Gray or even Silver Shimmer unity sand colors would combine well with plum. This is a great color combination for a fall or winter wedding, and we love the sophisticated feel it has.

 Plum and Peach 
Plum and Peach combine to create a romantic feel with a touch of vintage charm. Use our Gold Shimmer unity sand as an accent color to add some sparkle.

What is your favorite color to pair with our Plum unity sand?

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Gifts Under $50 For the Newlyweds

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Stacy Harbert

While you may have heard the common wedding gift etiquette being to not give a gift under $50, that still can be a steep price for many people, especially if you have multiple weddings to attend this wedding season.  If you want to give the bride and groom a nice gift that they’re sure to enjoy without breaking the bank, we’re here to help! Here are ten great gift ideas for under $50 that are sure to please.

For more information, or to purchase a product, just click on the image of the product you're interested in.

Insulated Wine Cooler Tote:
Perfect for trips to the park, picnics, or barbecues, these well-crafted wine cooler totes make a great gift. Even better – custom embroidery is included in the $29 price! This is a great gift for the wine enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike, and with the great price, you could include a nice bottle of wine in the cooler. If wine isn’t their taste, try a beer cooler or handy cooler bag.

Insulated Wine Cooler Tote - $29.00

Craft Beer Bottle Cooler - $40.00

Large Mouth Cooler Bag - $29.99

 Personalized Barware:
If you have a little bit more to spend, you could pair some personalized barware with the one of the drink coolers. They also make a great standalone gift. We have a wide range of personalized barware including wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer pilsners and mugs, or whiskey glasses for under $50!

Set of 4 Personalized White Wine Glasses - $40.99

Set of 4 Stemless Champagne Glasses - $42.00

Mr. & Mrs. Pilsner Set - $34.00

Lowball Shot Set - $26.99

Coffee Mug Sets:
If the newlyweds are coffee lovers, we think they’ll love these adorable coffee sets.  They fit together perfectly, just like the happy couple, and feature cute heart-shaped handles. For only $29, this gift will bring a smile to their faces every time they use them.

Good Morning Mugs - $29.00

Mr. & Mrs. Mugs- $29.00

Initial Mugs - $29.00

Cake Ceremony Set:
While this gift may need to be given before the wedding, maybe as a bridal shower gift, we think the bride and groom will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift. The shapes of the plates are reflected in the design on the fork, and one fork is engraved Mr. and the other Mrs. Not only will this set come in useful on the wedding day, but it will also be a lovely keepsake that can be used for many years for only $49.98.

Cake Ceremony Set - $49.98

Wooden Keepsake Display Stand:
Another thoughtful gift for the bride and groom gives them a beautiful place to display their wedding cake topper in their home. With a frame to display a photo of the cake cutting ceremony, this display stand will look stunning on a fireplace mantle or bookshelf. Have the stand engraved with a custom line for an added special touch. This is also a great way to display a beautiful bouquet or decorative candle, and it’s under $30!  

Wooden Keepsake Display Stand - $29.98

Personalized Canvas Print:
Help the newlyweds add some décor to their home with a personalized canvas print. With a variety of styles available, we’re sure you’ll find something to fit the couple’s style. One of our favorites is the Best Things In Life print available for $49.99

Best Things In Life Print - $49.99

Just Married Print - $49.99

Personalized Pillow Cases:
Bed linens are on most couples’ gift registries, and we think these adorable personalized pillow cases would be a pleasant surprise for the bride and groom. When placed together, the simple yet elegant design forms a whimsical heart. Choose the color of the heart, plus personalize each case with first names or a special saying. These high-quality cases are available for $49.99

Heartstrings Pillow Cases - $49.99

Cribbage Set:
For the competitive couple, we love this personalized cribbage set. The set includes two decks of cards and six pegs and is packaged in a beautiful birch box personalized with a custom line of text. At $33.99, this gift is a steal for the amount of fun and entertainment it will provide the newlyweds!

Cribbage Set - $33.99

Lasting Memories Keepsake Box:
While picture frames are a common wedding gift, we love this keepsake box for adding a little flair to the standard picture frame or photo album, all for only $29.99. A photo can be displayed in the beautiful silver-toned lid which can be personalized with two lines of text. Then, the bride and groom can use the box to hold special mementos, photos, notes, and more. This gift is perfect for the new couple to use for their wedding or honeymoon keepsakes.

Keepsake Box - $29.99

11 Piece BBQ Tool Set:
A perfect gift for the couple who loves to grill or camp. This set comes in a custom embroidered carrying case, so it’s perfect for tailgating, camping, and more! With everything the couple will need to grill all in one case, we think the $40 price tag makes it a great deal!

BBQ Tool Set - $40.00

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How To Get the Perfect Vase Set

Posted on May 26, 2015 by Stacy Harbert

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is making sure all of the little details are just right, but this can also be one of the most frustrating parts, especially if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. We all do it – get a vision in our head of exactly how we want something to turn out. Then, you try to find the pieces of that vision to make it work and it seems like they don’t exist! One of those pieces could be a vase set to use for your wedding sand ceremony. While we have a great selection and hope we offer exactly what you’re looking for, sometimes what you see isn’t matching up with your vision. The most common problem people have while looking for a unity sand vase is that they like elements of a couple different vase sets, but something with each exact part they like doesn’t exist. If this is the problem you’re running into, we want you to know that there is hope! Here are some solutions we have to help you get the exact wedding sand ceremony vase set you want.

Problem 1: The set you want doesn’t offer personalization

While we or our suppliers may not be able to personalize the vase for you, that doesn’t mean no one can! One place that some of our customers in the past have had some luck is Things Remembered. This store is found in many malls across the country, so the chances are good that there’s one in driving distance from you.  You could also check with local jewelers, as many of them have engraving tools on hand. Also, trophy and awards shops can do engraving or sandblasting on many items. Finally, if you’re the crafty type, you can purchase a glass etching kit from a craft or hobby store and do the engraving yourself! Now, while all of our vases are safe for engraving, some engravers might not do certain vases. It’s best to find out before hand if your engraver will do a certain vase, or if it is able to be returned if you take it in and they won’t do it.

Problem 2: The set you want doesn’t have enough pouring vases

This is usually an easy solution! Most of the vase sets we carry have additional pouring vases that can be purchased individually. If you can’t find what you’re on our website, send us an email or give us a call, and we can usually get what you’re looking for! Along these same lines, if you like a center vase from one set and pouring vases from a different set, many times you can order the vases a la carte to get the exact set that you want.

Problem 3: You want a vase with a lid

Some of our vase sets with lids cannot be personalized, so if you want a vase that can be personalized PLUS has a lid, our solution to Problem 1 could be the solution for you! If you’re in love with a vase that doesn’t come with a lid, hope isn’t lost. Most of the time, a lid is wanted for after the ceremony when the vase will be displayed in your home to keep dust out or to prevent a mess if the vase is accidentally tipped over. 
You may be able to find or cut a piece of cork to fit as a lid. Or, you could use clear candle wax or gel wax to seal the sand inside the vase. Just melt the wax and carefully pour on top of the sand level to the top of the vase and let it harden completely. If you don’t want to see the wax, or if you’re just looking for something to cover the top, you could use a piece of coordinating fabric. Place the fabric over the top of the vase and secure with a rubber band. Tie a piece of ribbon around the vase to hide the rubber band. You could use a piece of your veil, the groom’s handkerchief, or another fabric from your wedding. The ribbon could come from your bouquet to make it an extra special keepsake.

Even with a lid, the sand ceremony vase should be handled carefully as the sand could still be disturbed or spill if the lid isn’t tight-fitting.

We hope that if you’re having trouble finding a sand ceremony set, these suggestions will solve the issues you are having. If you have questions about any of our vase sets or ordering options, please don’t hesitate to call or email us! We’re happy to help you find a solution that will make your wedding day a little more special.

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Get It Here On Time!

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Stacy Harbert

Imagine this scenario: It’s the day before your wedding. You’re trying to stay relaxed and stress-free. As you’re getting everything ready for the next day, you realize something is missing. It could be something that you can run out and find a replacement for fairly easily like a garter or ring bearer pillow. But, it could be something that’s not so easy to replace like your sand ceremony vase or the sand itself. All of a sudden, your stress level is up to the max and you’re upset. We totally understand – we’d be upset, too! We want to be sure you receive everything you ordered in time, so we’ve put together an ordering guide and some tips to make sure this scenario doesn’t happen to you on your wedding day.

While we try to get orders out within one business day, this isn’t always possible. We say to allow 1-2 business days for sand to ship. Processing time does NOT include the day that the order is placed, so keep this in mind when placing your order.

One thing that you may not realize when you place your order is that some of the items you’re ordering may ship directly to you from our suppliers. Most of them do a great job of getting items shipped out in about 2-3 business days, but certain things can take a little bit longer. Sometimes, personalizing an item will add another day or two to the processing time. We try to keep our product descriptions updated with the correct processing time and availability, but you can always call or email us and we will get you the most recent and accurate information.

Another thing to factor in to getting your items in time is the actual shipping time. If you choose an expedited shipping method like second or next day air, this does not mean that your item will arrive in one to two days – this is transit time ONLY. Processing time still needs to be added in. One thing that, unfortunately, is out of our control is shipping delays. It’s a good idea to take potential weather delays into consideration when ordering your items if you know the weather is going to be bad.

While we may know what your event date is based on personalization or the comments on your order, this might not be the same as the date you actually need the item. If you’re leaving early for a destination wedding, or you won’t be home a couple days before your wedding, please tell us the date you need your items! This can change the way we handle your order if we know this, and we can usually work with the date and make sure you get everything on time.

When in doubt, CALL us! Email usually works, but you know how technology can be sometimes. If we don’t answer your phone call right away, leave us a voicemail, and we’ll call you back as soon as we can. It gives everyone peace of mind when you know that your order is being processed as quickly as possible and we know exactly when you need everything. We’ll always respond to your email, too, so if you don’t assume we received it unless we’ve replied to you.

Finally, one tip we can share is to create a spreadsheet of items you’ve ordered, or use an app to keep track of orders you placed. Apps like Slice or Delivery Status will help you track all of your shipments in one place for ease.

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Like Rain On Your Wedding Day - Outdoor Weddings & Weather

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Stacy Harbert

The sun is shining, birds are singing, and the official start of spring is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. You've planned every detail to a T, but even if every single thing is in order, there’s one thing that is completely out of your control - the weather. It’s one of the biggest fears of brides planning an outdoor wedding. While there are many resources out there that predict the weather, is there one you can trust more than the others? We did a little research on some of the top weather websites for you, and here’s what we found:

National Weather Service (weather.gov)
This is often the source that other weather services get some of their data from to start with, so it is pretty accurate, for the most part. It is a little bit more of a scientific and provides A LOT of information, so it is sometimes difficult to decipher. This particular site only goes about a week out for most information, which does help to keep it a bit more accurate.

Accuweather gives you a whopping 45 day forecast. While that may seem handy for checking the weather leading up to your wedding day, most experts would caution against taking their predictions as gospel. Taking a look at historical temperature averages would give you about the same information. The one thing you should definitely NOT rely on this information for is whether or not it will rain. Really, the most accurate information you’ll get will be no more than seven days prior to your event.

The Weather Channel (weather.com)
As far as rain prediction goes, The Weather Channel usually says there is a higher probability of rain than there really is. The Weather Channel uses data and forecasts from the National Weather Service as a starting point, and they do typically tend to be more accurate in their forecasts.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that brides from different regions of the country have stated that certain sources seem to be more or less accurate in their area compared to other areas. A great resource you can use for this is ForcastAdvisor.com. They give you a 5-day forecast and go through the work of determining the most accurate service for your area. So, for example, Accuweather ranked all the way down in 9th place for predicting weather last month in Fort Worth, TX, but it was the most accurate service for the last month in New York, NY.  So, while you still might not get a totally accurate forecast, you can at least know which service is the most reliable for you.

As we all know, weather predictions are rarely 100% accurate, so the best thing you can do for your wedding day is hope for the best and be ready for the worst. If you’re hoping for a mild day and it ends up being hot and humid, have hand fans and bottles of water for your guests.


Parasols are also great for a sunny day, and can be found in lots of different colors and styles.



If you’re worried about rain, have a backup tent or indoor space the ceremony can be held, or suggest that your guests bring umbrellas. Rain boots and umbrellas make for adorable wedding photos, too, so don’t get down if it does rain on your big day!

If the day ends up being chillier than expected, baskets of blankets available for guests to cozy up in will give your ceremony a cozy and intimate feel that your guests will love.

The most important thing is to remember that regardless of the weather challenges on your wedding day, if you smile and enjoy the day and end up married at the end of it, then it was still a perfect day.

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Top Unity Sand Colors for March

Posted on March 11, 2015 by Stacy Harbert
As the seasons change, so do wedding color trends. We have the benefit of seeing which colors are trending based on the colors of wedding sand going out the door. Sometimes we can tell the theme of the wedding based on the sand colors, like a vintage, rustic, or beach theme. Other times, we're not so sure, and we get to imagine what the wedding will look like based on a few colors of unity sand, which is fun for us to do!
 Right now, the top colors of wedding sand we're seeing go out to our customers are Cobalt, Dove Gray,Silver Shimmer, Gold Shimmer, and Mint. These five colors can be paired in a number of ways, and we chose three of our favorite combinations to give you some wedding inspiration. 
 Let's start out with one of the most popular wedding trends this season - Mint and Gold Shimmer. These two colors of unity sand make us think of a wedding that's a little bit funky and vintage, but still classy. Add sparkle to your wedding by using a metallic color like gold. Use a glittery gold ribbon for your flower arrangements, or use gold silverware at your reception. This color combination is a trend in fashion, too, so you'll find fun and unique jewelry for your big day. To add some of that funkiness, have your bridesmaids pick their own dress style in the color of your choice. If you're into DIY, metallic gold spray paint can transform nearly anything into something that will fit in your wedding theme. Think cake stands, flower vases, picture frames, and more. Use mint and gold shimmer unity sand for your sand ceremony or reception centerpieces, too.
If you're into a more classic wedding look, we love Dove Gray and Cobalt wedding sand paired together. This is a color combination that can work year round, and we especially love it for summer. Keep it clean looking with mostly white flowers with touches of cobalt blue, or if you want more of a summery pop of color, go with flowers in a citrus color like bright orange or lemon yellow. Gray suits would look great on the guys for this combination. Since our Cobalt wedding sand is compared to David's Bridal Horizon, you shouldn't have any troubles finding bridesmaid dresses to match your theme that all of the ladies will love. The bright blue color will add a cheerfulness, and gray is an easy neutral to work with.
If you're going for all out luxury on your wedding day, consider pairing silver shimmer and gold shimmer wedding sand. Mixed metals is a super trendy look right now, and with the right balance, this combination will make your wedding day look like a million bucks, literally and figuratively. A brooch bouquet would be perfect for this theme. Your bridesmaids could all match, or let them choose their own dresses in varying shades of gold. For a DIY wedding, take full advantage of metallic silver and gold spray paint to customize your decor. Our silver shimmer and gold shimmer wedding sand would be perfect for not only your sand ceremony, but also for table decor like flower centerpieces.
Other combination we love with these five colors are cobalt and silver, cobalt and mint, or mint and dove gray. What's your favorite combination?

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Vintage Wedding Themes

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Stacy Harbert

When you think of vintage wedding themes, what comes to mind? Old world Hollywood glam, rustic country, soft and sweet romance, or a garden casual affair with classic drinks and games? Any of these could be considered a vintage wedding, which goes to show that there’s a vintage wedding theme out there for just about everyone! Many things can make a wedding vintage like the dress, reception details, or the colors and flowers you choose. Here’s a few of our ideas for a vintage wedding.

Using Colors
It’s so fun to see what wedding sand color combinations people order and try to guess what their wedding theme is. There are certain colors of unity sand that we see together and think, “Yup, this one is a vintage theme!” Colors like mint, peach, pearl pink, yellow chiffon, medium gray, champagne, gold shimmer, and ivory combine to create a soft and romantic vintage feel. What colors remind you of days past?

Tea Party
Sometimes, the decorative touches at the reception set the theme for your big day. For a tea party themed wedding, you could have simple centerpieces of an old glass bottle with one or two pastel colored flowers in each, vintage tea cups, old books, and pearls on top of a silver vintage serving tray. Use lace tablecloths on top of a soft colored cloth for a cozy yet romantic feel, and serve the food on vintage china to complete the theme.


Gatsby Revival
Be inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s description of luxurious lawn parties by the sea with this theme. Wedding sand colors like ivory, tan, gold, and teal or spa compliment this theme. Use an art deco style font on your invitations to allude to the theme for your guests. Besides your décor, this theme can really be driven home by the bride, groom, and wedding party’s ensembles. A beaded wedding dress in a gold or champagne color would wow the guests, and this would be the perfect theme for a stunning headband hair piece. For a more casual wedding, the men could wear trousers with suspenders, or a classic tuxedo for a more elegant affair.

A vintage countryside theme is a great opportunity to use burlap, wicker, wood, and other natural elements. Wildflower bouquets would be perfect for this theme, as well as lanterns and mason jars for décor. We imagine guests sipping drinks through paper straws out of vintage soda bottles and playing yard games like lawn darts for this theme.

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Wedding Colors Inspired By Spring

Posted on January 23, 2015 by Stacy Harbert

Spring weddings are great for so many reasons. Spring symbolizes new life, which makes it a perfect time to start a new life together with your spouse. Flowers are in full bloom giving you a wide variety to choose from for your bouquets and décor, plus you can take advantage of other natural things like cherry blossoms or moss, which is abundant this time of year. The sunny days and warmer, but not hot, temperatures make outdoor weddings comfortable. Plus, midday parties, or even a brunch reception feel more appropriate this time of year, and they can really open up the possibilities for an unforgettable day. You can opt for a shorter dress, lighter fabric, or more relaxed dress code, but a formal event would still be possible, too. Finally, the wedding color options seem endless this time of year. From bright and cheery to soft and subdued, we’re looking at a few of our favorite color combinations for spring weddings.

Pink Chiffon, Meadow, & White
Something about light pink and light green makes them feel like the theme colors of spring. Paired with white, you get a fresh and easy feeling theme. There are so many flower options for this color combination, but we especially love roses or peonies.  These colors feel perfect for a midday garden wedding. Our pink chiffon, meadow, and white unity sand would be a perfect compliment for this color combination.

Serene and Peach
Our Serene color wedding sand has always been one of my favorite colors, so I’m so glad to see dusty blue becoming a wedding color trend. We love it paired with peach or a blush pink, and it gives a cool, vintage vibe to your wedding. Anemones or succulents would be great choices for bouquets paired with peach roses. Either a light tan or gray would be a great neutral accent color for this combination. Click on the color names to check out our Serene and Peach wedding sand.

Spa, Gold, and White
Wow! This combination sure makes a statement, and we think it’s a perfect one for a more formal and luxurious wedding. We love to see gold becoming popular again, and adding an aqua color like Spa to it gives it a modern update. Using white in your flowers keeps everything nice and elegant. We think this is a great opportunity to try something like a brooch bouquet, too. Or, if you’re feeling extra daring, try a gold wedding dress! Check out our Gold Shimmer and Spa wedding sand.

Yellow and Green
Green and yellow are such a natural match. Just like grass and sunshine or lemons and limes, these two colors seem to just belong together. The décor possibilities are so fun with these colors. You can use actual lemons, limes, grass, billy ball flowers, and more. We chose our Apple Green, Sunbeam, Clover, and Yellow Chiffon wedding sand colors for this combination.

What’s your favorite spring color combination?

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Making Designs with your Wedding Sand Ceremony

Posted on December 30, 2014 by Stacy Harbert

Recently on the blog, we've been talking about the wedding sand ceremony and giving some ideas for your ceremony. Our last post here talked about the order you pour the wedding sand in, what it represents, and ways to incorporate other family members. Today, we want to talk about how to get creative with your wedding sand ceremony and make some different designs in the sand.

If you see a vase set you’re interested in, click on the image, and it’ll take you to the product page for your convenience!

Typically, the wedding sand ceremony is done while a song is playing. One great thing about a sand ceremony, compared to a unity candle, is that you can take your time while the song is playing to fill your vase.

If you leave your vase flat on the table and pour the wedding sand evenly in, you will end up with flat layers of sand. If you want some variation in the layers, sort of like a wave design, you can either tilt your vase as you pour the sand in, or pour more sand in one area than another to build up a sort of peak.


If you have a vase with a smaller opening, using a funnel will not only keep the process cleaner, but it will give you a bit more control over where the wedding sand goes in the vase. One great idea for a funnel is to use a copy of your wedding sheet music. It adds a nice, personal touch for free.

Another easy way to add some interest to your wedding sand vase is to do either thick layers or very thin layers.  Thick layers will have a bold, graphic look while thin layers will have an almost watery wave type look to it. If you want a sort of “tiger stripe” look, don’t pour a full layer of sand each time - leave parts of the layer below showing around the edge.


There are also ways after the ceremony to add some design to your wedding sand ceremony finished product. Take a long, thin skewer and carefully poke it down into the sand along the edge to form downward peaks. Or, you can top your sand with small trinkets from your wedding day like seashells for a beach wedding or dried flowers from your bouquet.

Whatever you decide to do, your wedding sand ceremony vase will be a one-of-a-kind creation that you can display for years to come.

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How Should I Pour My Wedding Sand?

Posted on December 30, 2014 by Stacy Harbert

While the wedding sand ceremony tradition isn't brand new, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with it. So, we’d like to answer some common questions we get about a unity sand ceremony. One thing we get asked a lot is how exactly the colored sand should be poured into the vases. There’s no one answer to this, but we’d like to give you a few ideas for your wedding sand ceremony. In this post, we’ll focus on the different orders and ways the sand is poured, and in our next post, we’ll give some ideas and tips on how to make different designs with the sand.

The order the wedding sand is poured depends largely on personal preference, but it can also be catered to what type of ceremony you’re having.

In a religious ceremony, you can start with white or ivory wedding sand in the bottom of the vase, or you can have a third pouring vase with the white sand in it that is for the wedding officiate to pour into the vase first. The white sand at the bottom is representative of having Christ as the pure foundation of your marriage. Then, the bride and groom will pour their sand colors on top. 

If your marriage is also the blending of families, a wedding sand ceremony is a great option. Each member of the family can have their own color of sand, and the end product will be a beautiful and colorful representation of the unique individuals combined into one family. Sometimes, with very large families, the bride and groom can each have their own color, and the children can all share a color to keep it simpler. A nice way to organize a blended family sand ceremony is to have the bride and groom each pour in a little bit of their colors first, then assign an order to the children – like oldest to youngest – and finish with the bride and groom adding more of their wedding sand on top of the children’s colors.

The ideas for a blended family also work if you want to include family members that are very important to you, like parents, siblings, or grandparents, as a way to show their support and dedication to your marriage, as well. A common tradition for unity candles is for the mothers of the couple to light the individual candles. If you want to do something like that with the wedding sand, you could have the mothers fill the individual pouring vases with their child’s sand color before the ceremony begins.


For the bride and groom’s sand, the way that it is poured into the vase is largely personal preference that can depend on what they want to symbolize or if they want the finished product to look a certain way. The two individual colors of wedding sand represent each person as an individual, and the combining of the two colors represents two lives joining. Just like the individual grains of sand cannot be separated, your lives are joined, too. With this in mind, one suggestion we give is to have the bride and groom each pour in some of their sand separately to represent them as an individual. Then, pour in both colors together to represent the joining of two lives.


If you’re trying to achieve a certain pattern with the wedding sand, you’ll have to be more strategic, and we’ll talk more about that in our next post, so stay tuned!

Click below for vow ideas:
Blended Family Vows
Wedding Sand Ceremony Vows 

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