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Top April Sand Colors

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
We see a lot of different sand color combinations go out our doors. As you can imagine, many of our neutrals are always at the top of our seller list. The fun part is to see what colors are paired with the neutrals as the seasons pass. With April coming to an end, we decided to take a look at some of April's top color combinations. One thing we noticed is that, depending on how you accessorize and compliment the colors, these combinations are suitable year-round for any season. Check out some of April's top colors combinations:

Plum and Ivory
Our Plum unity sand and Ivory unity sand combine for a classic look. Plum is a rich color, and it matches the beautiful shades of fall and winter well. However, if you add some lighter purple tones or a little bit of a gold accent, it can be a lovely hue for a sophisticated spring or summer wedding.

Marine and Gold Shimmer
One of the most popular neutrals this year is our Gold Shimmer unity sand. Together with Marine unity sand, you can get a look that's elegant, rustic, vintage, or luxurious, depending on how you use it. We love the idea of a marine and gold woodland theme, or spray some pine cones gold for a shimmery and modern winter wedding. No matter what you do, you can't go wrong with this color combination.

Malibu and Silver Shimmer
Perfect for a beach theme, our Malibu unity sand and Silver Shimmer unity sand give off tropical vibes, and the vibrant blue is perfect for spring and summer. You can also use the colors to create an icy blue and shimmery silver winter wonderland if you have a cold-weather wedding.

What is your favorite color combination that works all year long?

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Wedding Must-Have: Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Posted on April 21, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
If you're the bridesmaid or bride in an upcoming wedding, you're probably familiar with the idea of a wedding day emergency kit. No matter how well your plans are laid out and how detailed your schedule is, wedding day mishaps are bound to happen. Having a wedding day emergency kit comes in super handy in these instances! Having a few things on hand to put out any fires that might threaten the bride's sanity will make the whole day smoother for everyone. This list covers the contingency supplies, since we're pretty sure you won't forget your makeup or phone on your big day. Pack up your kit in a cute bag and have it handy while getting ready and afterwards at the reception. Here's our list of what you should include in your emergency kit:
1. Mini sewing kit: Speaking from experience, this was one of the handiest things I had on my wedding day! Make sure it has scissors, needles, coordinating thread, buttons, and safety pins.
2. Tweezers: Stray hairs seem to pop up at the worst moments, but they won't be a problem with tweezers on hand!
3. Q-tips and makeup remover: Make it easy on yourself to combat eyeliner mistakes without having to re-do your entire face.
4. Blotting papers: Again, it'll take care of the problem without messing up all of your makeup!
5. Tampons/pads: Even if you don't need them, chances are someone else will.
6. Nail polish and file: Have a clear topcoat for stocking runs and the shade you're wearing for chip touch-ups
7. Tissues: Tears are inevitable on wedding days, so keep these bad boys handy!
8. Mini first aid kit: Band-aids, burn relief, antiseptic, etc. are all good to have on hand.
9. Medicine: You might need a variety like pain reliever, allergy medicine, and an antacid for whatever ailments come up on the big day.
10. Unscented sunscreen and bugspray: You'll need this mainly if the wedding is outdoors or you'll be outside for a while for wedding photos.
11. Deodorant: Either someone will forget to put it on, or you'll need to reapply throughout the day. Either way, it's a necessity.
12. Razor: Just like the tweezers for stray hairs, you'll probably notice a patch of missed hair around your ankle that just can't be there on your wedding day.
13. Granola bars or snacks: Fight off the hangry with an arsenal of easy-to-carry snacks.
14. Super Glue: One of those just-in-case fix-all sort of supplies that's good to have.
15. Breath mints/gum: Fight off cotton mouth or stale breath, especially before the big first kiss!
16. Stain remover pen: Get rid of little spills or makeup marks quickly and easily.
17. White chalk: For stains that won't come out, cover them up with some white chalk and no one will know the difference.
18. Lint roller: Great for the bridesmaids and groomsmen
19. Cash: Just in case the bride needs something from the vending machine!
20. Floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, and toothpicks: In case one of those granola bars gets stuck in the bride's teeth.
21. Lotion: Good for both dry skin and hair flyaways
22. Extra earring backs: Those things seem to go missing at the worst times! Have extra on hand and you'll be a lifesaver. 
23. Hairspray, comb, bobby pins, etc.: You can never have too many bobby pins on hand!
Did we miss anything? Let us know what saved the day on your wedding day!

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Southern Wedding Traditions: Burying the Bourbon

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Southern weddings have a lot going for them: beautiful scenery, delicious food, and the wonderful traditions. One tradition from the South called "burying the bourbon" is a great tradition you could borrow for your own wedding no matter where you live.
Southern folklore dictates that if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the spot where the bride and groom will be married, it won't rain on their wedding day. Many believers in the tradition say that the bourbon must be buried exactly one month before the wedding. Other variations say that the bourbon should be buried on a day with weather you'd be happy to have at your wedding.
The bottle of bourbon must be completely full, and it must be buried upside down to ensure the ideal weather.
After the ceremony, whether it rains or shines, the bottle should be dug up and shared with the bridal party. To us, this tradition is a win-win regardless of the weather! Just make sure you have the lid on tightly and don't forget where you buried the bottle!
Don't want to drink out of a dirty bourbon bottle? Check out our awesome personalized decanters that you can use long after your ceremony!

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Coral Reef Color Combinations

Posted on April 13, 2016 by Stacy Harbert

Since David's Bridal introduced Coral Reef, it has been an incredibly popular wedding color. Our Coral Reef colored sand, which is compared to the David's Bridal color, is one of our most popular sand colors year-round. Here are some of our favorite Coral Reef color combinations.

Coral Reef & Oasis
This serene and trendy combination of Coral Reef unity sand and Oasis unity sand is perfect for a beach-themed wedding. The colors give off tropical vibes, and we love how vibrant they are together.
Coral Reef & Pewter
Sleek and sophisticated are the two words we think best describes the combination of Coral Reef unity sand and Pewter unity sand. The dark gray hue of the pewter is a perfect neutral for the bright pop of coral reef, and this color combination transitions well from spring all the way through fall.
Coral Reef & Gold Shimmer
Along with Coral Reef sand, our Gold Shimmer unity sand is one of our top colors this year. We can see why! Gold shimmer is a beautiful metallic that adds a touch of luxury to any wedding theme. Together, this color combination can be used for a rustic, vintage, or modern wedding. It's really the perfect color combo for any theme!

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How to Instagram Your Wedding

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Instagram is a fun and easy way to record candid moments from your wedding. Technology has drastically changed the way weddings go from planning on Pinterest to gathering RSVPs via email. Advancements in technology and user-friendly social media platforms have completely changed wedding photography, too. 
While it's great to have a professional photographer for the more formal photos and high-quality images, candid photos are some of the most fun to look back on and reminisce about your big day. Since nearly everyone has a smartphone these days, your guests are sure to take a bunch of fun snapshots with their phones during your wedding and reception. Here's what you need to curate those photos:
- Instagram mobile app
- Predetermined wedding hashtag
- Online photo storage site, like Flickr
- Account on ifttt.com
1. If you don't have the Instagram app on your phone, you'll need to download it and create an account. 
2. Create a custom hashtag that people can tag photos from your wedding with. Make your hashtag unique (you won't want other people's photos included with yours) and easy to remember for your guests. 
3. Create a Flickr account to store the photos.
4. Set up an account on ifttt.com (If This, Then That). Activate the "channels" you are using. In this case, it'll be Instagram and Flickr. Then, create "recipes" that tell the site what to do with your photos. So, you'll say IF THIS: wedding guests tags a photo with #yourhashtag on Instagram THEN THAT: photo automatically uploads to Flickr.
5. Share the hashtag with your wedding guests, and after the wedding, you can print your photos or share your Flickr account with every to view the curated photos.
Thanks to smartphones and technology, it's easier than ever to share wedding memories with your friends and family. 

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2016 Spring Wedding Hair and Makeup Ideas

Posted on March 28, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
When you're in your wedding dress with your hair and makeup done, the wedding aisle essentially becomes your own personal catwalk. With all eyes on you, you'll definitely want to look and feel gorgeous. If you've scored the perfect dress but need a little direction for hair and makeup, check out our roundup of our favorite spring 2016 bridal looks.
1. Go Au Naturale 
When you're all decked out in your dress, shoes, and jewelry, you might be tempted to go all out with your makeup, too. However, the trend for spring is to let your natural beauty shine with glowing skin, lightly flushed cheeks, and bitten lips. The key to making this look work is having clean, exfoliated, and well-moisturized skin. Stick with a light foundation or tinted moisturizer, a light dusting of blush or bronzer, a swipe of mascara, and a nude or pink lip.
2. Bohemian Hair
Free-flowing tresses and undone updos are fresh, contemporary, and laid-back hair looks for the spring. This type of hairstyle looks lovely with flowing, ethereal gowns, but it also adds fun contrast to a more classic and formal gown. Achieve this look by adding small braids or romantic waves to your hair. Or, if you have a hairstyle you already like, you can make it boho by adding some extra texture or waves and leaving a few loose strands down to frame your face.
3. Strong Brows
Bold brows really make eyes pop. To achieve this look, gently fill in the brows until they are the shape you want, and lightly apply a powder over it. It's a great way to enhance your eyes and add some dimension to your wedding-day look. We would suggest giving this look some trial runs before your big day since it's easy to go from perfectly bold to Groucho Marx brows without a little bit of practice.
4. Beautiful Braids
From face-framing halo braids to intricate updos to a single plait down the back, there's a braid for every bride. Looser side swept braids with face framing strands give a romantic and soft look. Or, try parting your hair in the center and doing a single braid down your back woven with shimmering beads or baby's breath for a whimsical look.
5. Soft & Fresh-Faced
The look that never seems to go out of style is a fresh, rosy glow. Rosy cheeks, pink lips, and lightly lined eyes enhance your natural beauty without looking too overdone. With spring weddings in mind, this look would be perfect for an outdoor garden wedding.

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Pantone Spring 2016 Color Trends

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
We are loving Pantone's Spring 2016 Color Trend picks! The global and artistic vibes make for interesting and vibrant color combinations. Using the colors to inspire your wedding, you could create feelings ranging from romantic to vintage to bold and everything in between. Check out our colored sand matches to the top 10 colors for spring.
Rose Quartz - Pink Blush Unity Sand
This gentle and calming color conveys compassion, romance, and composure. The color resembles a serene sunset, flushed cheeks, or a blooming flower - all reminders of our surroundings during the spring and summer months. 
Peach Echo - Coral Unity Sand
Friendly, warm, and fun are all great ways to describe this color. It transitions well into summer and pairs wonderfully with a wide variety of colors.
A gentle and calming blue, this color reflects the blues of spring skies and flowers.
Snorkel Blue - Pacific Unity Sand
An energetic navy, this color is great for beach and nautical weddings
The happy and sunny vibes you get from this color will add vibrancy to any spring or summer wedding.
Limpet Shell - Pool Blue Unity Sand
This beautiful shade of aqua definitely gives beach and paradise vibes perfect for a beach-themed wedding.
This color is almost a neutral with lilac undertones. Perfect for a wedding with a vintage feel.
This vivid color is great for those with a free spirit and sense of adventure who are open to bold colors for their wedding.
Iced Coffee - Latte Unity Sand
A strong neutral with a natural, earthy quality, this colors subtlety is a great anchor for many other colors.
It doesn't get much more representative of spring than with this vibrant, grassy green color.

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Coral Combinations

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Stacy Harbert

A question that we get asked a lot is “What is the difference between your Coral and Coral Reef sand?” I’d like to answer that question for you, as well as show you just a few of the many ways it can be used for a wedding color.

When brides come to us looking for coral sand, they have a pretty specific shade in mind, and it’s typically either a peachy coral with a bit more orange to it, or a salmon shade of coral that leans more towards the pink side of things. Since coral has become, and continues to be, such a popular wedding color, we decided to offer both shades so you can be sure your sand ceremony and decorations are exactly what you want.

Our Coral unity sand is the shade that would be described as peachy, and it leans more to the orange side. Coral Reef unity sand could be called a salmon shade, and it falls more towards the pink side.

Whichever shade you choose for your wedding, they both can be paired with so many other colors to fit nearly any wedding theme. 

For a beach theme or destination wedding, pair one of the shades of coral with a color like Spa or Malibu. With touches like seashells and tropical flowers, this color combination can make you feel like you’re in paradise.

If you’d rather be sailing on the water than relaxing on the beach, add our Marine colored sand to one of the corals, and you’ll have a perfect combination for a nautical theme. This theme is easily accented with stripes, anchors, and other sea and boat related items.

Pair Coral or Coral Reef with a neutral shade like tan or hazelnut, and you’ll have a perfect color combination for a western chic wedding. Add some burlap and lace, weathered wood signs, and wildflowers to this color combination, and you’ll have an event that is equal parts rustic and romantic. This is a great combination to carry over into a fall wedding, as well.

To channel the days of past, create a combination of Coral and Mint. With touches of gold, you’d have a unique vintage feel to your big day.

If you’re wedding is going to be a spring fling, consider pairing a shade of coral with Sunbeam for a vibrant and fresh theme. This bright and happy combination would transition perfectly into your flower arrangements, as well.

It seems like no matter which shade you choose or what you combine it with, Coral and Coral Reef are incredibly easy colors to work with and build your wedding theme around.

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Rosemary for Remembrance

Posted on February 03, 2016 by Stacy Harbert

Since the Middle Ages, rosemary has had a place in wedding traditions as a symbol of remembrance. For the newlyweds, it is a symbol of fidelity and a promise to remember the vows made to each other that day. It is also used as a symbol of love and promise to loved ones passed on to not forget the impact they made on your life or the memories you made together.


In those ancient times, brides would wear a rosemary wreath around their head, and grooms and wedding guests would also wear a sprig of rosemary. With bohemian, garden, and vintage themed weddings becoming more popular, this traditional wedding love charm would make a whimsical addition to a wedding day hair do. Rosemary could also be worked into nearly any bridal bouquet or table centerpiece to add a fragrant and natural element. Consider placing a sprig of rosemary on each place setting as a token for your guests to remember your wedding day by. If the look of rosemary isn't for you, but you love the flavor, you could work it into the menu as part of a marinade or garnish.

However you choose to use it, rosemary can easily be worked into any aspect of your wedding day to continue an ancient tradition of remembering the most important part of your big day – the promises made to each other in your vows.

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Colored Sand Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Posted on January 28, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Coming up with centerpieces for your wedding reception may seem like a daunting task, especially with all of the ideas you can find on Pinterest and different wedding planning sites. We want to help! Our colored unity sand is not just for your unity sand ceremony - it also can be used in floral arrangements and other reception centerpiece decor. With over 90 colors of sand to choose from, and all available in 25lb bulk boxes, we're sure you can find something to match nearly any wedding theme or color trend. By using colored sand, you can create beautiful and unique centerpieces that will coordinate perfectly with the rest of your wedding decor.
Candles make beautiful and classic centerpieces. Add color and interest to candle centerpieces by using colored sand. Layer your wedding colors and top with white pillar or tealight candles. Create an ombre effect using different shades of similar colors. We love this example using neutral colored sand that would also make beautiful home decor. Sandsational Sparkle unity sand is safe for use with candles.
Floral arrangements are a common choice for centerpieces. Our friends at Corona Del Mar Florist in California use our colored unity sand in many of their floral arrangements, and they are beautiful! Check out some of their arrangements for inspiration. We love the "milk shake" arrangement with carnations and a cute striped straw. This would be an easy arrangement to recreate on your own! With so many unity sand colors to choose from, it's easy to coordinate the sand to your flowers. We like the added weight and stability the colored sand gives the arrangements. If you're using artificial flowers, our colored sand is a great option if you're looking for a way to hold the stems in the vase.
While there are many more uses for colored sand in centerpieces, here are just a few more. Fill a vase with a neutral or complimentary colored sand and set a flower bloom or dried flower on top. Even though it is so simple to make, it will make an incredibly elegant and romantic display, especially paired with some flickering candles. Our sand is safe to use in terrariums! We love the pop of this hot pink colored sand (our begonia would be a great match), and these succulent centerpieces would also make awesome favors for guests to take home with them. If you're having a beach wedding, create an underwater scene! Most of our colors of sand will not bleed in water, so you can submerge it safely. Top the neutral colored sand with shells, starfish, sand dollars, and more to create a charming beach scene at every table. 

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