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Remembering Lost Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Posted on September 12, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Your wedding day is a time to celebrate with your loved ones. If you or your spouse have lost loved ones, you may still want to include them in your big day. The inclusion can be subtle and symbolic, or more public and shared with your guests. Before deciding what to do, check with any relatives who may still be sensitive to the death to be sure your remembrance is appropriate. Check out five ways to honor your lost loved ones on your wedding day.
1. Incorporate them into your bouquet
If your loved one was known to have a favorite flower, you could include one of those flowers into your bouquet. Or, find locket-sized picture frames and pin their photos to your bouquet. Our Bridal Bouquet Double Heart Charm allows you to engrave the initials of loved ones to wrap around your bouquet.

2. Incorporate them into the decor
Create a beautiful floral arrangement in their honor to place at the altar, and include a message about the meaning of the arrangement in the program. Gladiolus, rosemary, and pansies are all flowers that signify remembrance. At the reception, you could create a "memory table" that displays photos of your loved ones that have passed away.

3. Light a candle in their honor
Before the ceremony starts, or perhaps during, you could light a memory candle in honor of your lost loved ones. Take a look at our selection of memorial items that include a variety of memorial candles.

4. Remember them with your guests.
For a way to honor loved ones that includes your guests, hold a moment of reflection at the beginning of the ceremony. Alternatively, you could offer up a toast to them at the beginning of your reception.
5. Incorporate them in your favors
If your loved one was a garden enthusiast, consider a wildflower seed favor to give to your guests in their honor. We offer a wide range of wedding favors that could fit a multitude of interests and hobbies. Or, if they were passionate about a cause, consider making a donation to a charity they supported in lieu of favors. On each table, include a card that details the donation and the reason for the donation.
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