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Blue and Pink Wedding Color Combinations

Posted on August 05, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Some of our favorite color combinations we've seen go out the door recently are blues and pinks. Ranging from vibrant and modern to muted and vintage, varying shades of blues and pinks can give totally different feels. Check out two of our favorite combinations.

Royal blue and hot pink combine to make a summery and vibrant combination. You can incorporate these two bright hues into the flowers, dresses, and decor. For a more subdued look, pair Cobalt with a neutral like white or silver, then use begonia to add pops of color and interest. Our Cobalt Unity Sand and Begonia Unity Sand are perfect together, and you can buy them in bulk to create beautiful centerpieces or other decor.

For a vintage feel, combine navy blue and blush pink. These two colors work together to create a romantic and soft feel, and they look great for a rustic or outdoor garden wedding. Our Marine Unity Sand and Pink Blush Unity Sand are perfect options for this color combination.
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