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Winter Wedding Color Ideas

Posted on October 19, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
With a few changes in accessories and decorative touches, these color combinations are great for both fall and winter weddings.
Plum and Gold
Elegant and sophisticated are the two words I'd choose to describe this color combination. If you want a little more color, pair the plum with other berry hues. 
Our Plum unity sand and metallic Gold Shimmer unity sand pair beautifully for a sand ceremony or reception decor.
Biscotti and Fern
This soft combination is great for an outdoor garden or fall wedding. Or, add accents of evergreens for a wintery feel.
Use Biscotti Unity Sand and Fern Unity Sand for your wedding sand ceremony or reception centerpieces.

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Fall Wedding Colors: Navy, Wine, and Gold

Posted on September 21, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
As the fall wedding season approaches, a whole new array of colors become available to use. The natural shades of autumn make for beautiful color combinations, and some of the best inspiration comes from the seasonality around you. Deep reds, oranges, and yellows are beautiful hues to use in a fall wedding, and tans, browns, and blushes also are good choices.
One of our favorite colors combinations we've seen going out the door is Marine, Wine, and Gold Shimmer unity sand. What is your favorite fall wedding color combination?

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Remembering Lost Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Posted on September 12, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Your wedding day is a time to celebrate with your loved ones. If you or your spouse have lost loved ones, you may still want to include them in your big day. The inclusion can be subtle and symbolic, or more public and shared with your guests. Before deciding what to do, check with any relatives who may still be sensitive to the death to be sure your remembrance is appropriate. Check out five ways to honor your lost loved ones on your wedding day.
1. Incorporate them into your bouquet
If your loved one was known to have a favorite flower, you could include one of those flowers into your bouquet. Or, find locket-sized picture frames and pin their photos to your bouquet. Our Bridal Bouquet Double Heart Charm allows you to engrave the initials of loved ones to wrap around your bouquet.

2. Incorporate them into the decor
Create a beautiful floral arrangement in their honor to place at the altar, and include a message about the meaning of the arrangement in the program. Gladiolus, rosemary, and pansies are all flowers that signify remembrance. At the reception, you could create a "memory table" that displays photos of your loved ones that have passed away.

3. Light a candle in their honor
Before the ceremony starts, or perhaps during, you could light a memory candle in honor of your lost loved ones. Take a look at our selection of memorial items that include a variety of memorial candles.

4. Remember them with your guests.
For a way to honor loved ones that includes your guests, hold a moment of reflection at the beginning of the ceremony. Alternatively, you could offer up a toast to them at the beginning of your reception.
5. Incorporate them in your favors
If your loved one was a garden enthusiast, consider a wildflower seed favor to give to your guests in their honor. We offer a wide range of wedding favors that could fit a multitude of interests and hobbies. Or, if they were passionate about a cause, consider making a donation to a charity they supported in lieu of favors. On each table, include a card that details the donation and the reason for the donation.

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Fall Wedding Problems + Solutions

Posted on August 30, 2016 by Stacy Harbert

Fall may be overtaking summer for the most popular wedding season with its beautiful foliage and cooler temperatures, but it doesn't come without its own set of challenges. Check out some common fall wedding dilemmas and their solutions.

The Problem: You have an outdoor wedding planned that'll feature a beautiful natural foliage backdrop. However, the Indian summer gives way to an unexpected cold front.

The Solution: An outdoor fall wedding can be wonderful as long as everyone is prepared for the elements. Keep guests updated via email or your wedding website with the up-to-date forecast. Let them know on the invitation that it could get chilly, and they might want to consider bringing a jacket. Add rustic baskets filled with inexpensive or borrowed blankets at the end of every aisle, or set up heat lamps around the outdoor area. If possible, a crackling bonfire would be a warm and fun touch, and it would be perfect for wedding-day s'mores!


The Problem: After hours browsing Pinterest and wedding magazines, you've finally picked out your dream wedding bouquet only to find out the lilies you desire are out of season.

The Solution: If you have to give up your favorite blooms in your bouquet, you might be consoled by the fact that in-season flowers are much more affordable to use. There are still so many beautiful options for fall flowers including dahlias, chrysanthemums, and asters. Get creative and add some non-floral touches to your bouquet that play into the fall season like crabapples, wheat, and cattails. If you can't give up the lilies, some florists grow greenhouse flowers year-round at a higher price.


The Problem: The myriad of fall holidays makes it hard to find a convenient wedding weekend.

The Solution: No matter how early you pick a date, and how quickly you let your guests know, there will always be conflicts with some of your guests. However, you can do some research to make sure most of your guests are available. You might want to avoid holiday weekends like Labor Day so your guests aren't paying higher travel and hotel rates. Non-holiday weekends, though, will generally be more affordable than during peak vacation season.


The Problem: The weather is great, most of your guests have arrived, and everything looks beautiful. Then, you and the other seasonal allergy sufferers start feeling the effects of ragweed.

The Solution: You don't want puffy, red eyes in your wedding photos, so keep a non-drowsy, over-the-counter antihistamine on hand on your wedding day. Additionally, make sure your personal attendants keep your tissues and eye drops close by. You can check out the National Allergy Map for pollen counts in your area to get a better idea of how your allergies might react on your big day.


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Fall Wedding Themes: Apple

Posted on August 24, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
With fall right around the corner, it's the perfect time for an apple-themed wedding.

Our Apple unity sand and Green Apple colored unity sand would make great centerpiece accents for this theme. You could layer them in a vase and top with coordinating flowers. Or, fill a clear vase partway with Apple colored sand and top with a green apple. You could do vice versa and use Green Apple colored unity sand and top with a red apple.

Create an apple bouquet, or use a few crab apples amongst your flowers to tie in the theme. Instead of a basket or a pillow, have your flower girl and ring bearer carry an apple or a basket of apples down the aisle. Get a classic shot of your rings on top of an apple. Ceremony decor is made easy with this theme. Just place a basket of apples at the end of each aisle! Apple-flavored cocktails are great for the reception, and you can pin names to apples for easy place settings. Incorporate apples into your dessert with apple pie, or even use apples and crab apples as an accent to a traditional wedding cake.

What are your favorite ideas for an apple-themed wedding?

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How to Formally Address Wedding Invitations

Posted on August 22, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Determining the right way to address your wedding invitation envelopes can get a little tricky. You might have a variety of scenarios like couples who aren't married, families with different last names, families with kids, and more. As a general rule, the outer envelope of the invitation should be more formal with titles and full names, and the inner envelope is more informal. Here are more specific ways to address your wedding invitation envelopes.

Married Couples
Outer Envelope:
Mr. John and Mrs. Jill Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Inner Envelope:
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
John and Jill

Married with Different Last Names
List the person you're closest with first on both envelopes. If you're equally close with both, list them alphabetically.

Outer Envelope:
Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jill Baker

Inner Envelope:
Mr. Smith and Mrs. Baker
John and Jill

Unmarried Couple Living Together
Similarly to married couples, both names will be on the envelopes, but each gets their own line.

Outer Envelope:
Mr. Frank Porter
Ms. Lily Hunt

Inner Envelope:
Mr. Porter
Ms. Hunt

Same-Sex Couple
The rules are the same as any other unmarried or married couple. If they are married, list their names on the same line.

Outer Envelope:
Mr. Mark Thomson and Mr. Bill Green
Mark Thomson and Bill Green

Inner Envelope
Mr. Thomson and Mr. Green
Mark and Bill

Married Woman Doctor or Two Married Doctors
If a woman uses her maiden name both professionally and socially:
Outer Envelope:
Dr. Anne Jones and Mr. Peter Parks

If she uses her husband's name socially:
Outer Envelope:
Dr. Anne and Mr. Peter Parks

If both parties are doctors:
Outer Envelope:
Doctors Anne and Peter Parks

Inner Envelope:
Dr. Jones and Mr. Parks
The Doctors Parks

Other Distinguished Titles
The same rules for doctors applies for titles like military personnel, judges, reverends, etc. If both titles don't fit on one line, indent the second line.

Outer Envelope:
The Honorable Jane Marker and Lieutenant Brad Kelly, U.S. Navy
Captains Jane and Brad Kelly,
   U.S. Navy

Inner Envelope:
Judge Marker and Lieutenant Kelly, U.S. Navy
The Captains Kelly

Families with Children
Younger guests should be included on the inner envelope of their parents' invitation by their name(s). They should be left off of the outer envelope. Girls under 18 should be addressed as "Miss", and boys under 18 do not need a title.

Inner Envelope:
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Steel
James, George, Miss Kate, and Miss Penny

Singles 18 and Over
Unless they live at home with their parents, everyone 18 and over should receive their own invitation.

Outer Envelope:
Ms. Ashley Hart
Mr. Sam Jones

Inner Envelope:
Ms. Hart
Mr. Jones

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Blue and Pink Wedding Color Combinations

Posted on August 05, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Some of our favorite color combinations we've seen go out the door recently are blues and pinks. Ranging from vibrant and modern to muted and vintage, varying shades of blues and pinks can give totally different feels. Check out two of our favorite combinations.

Royal blue and hot pink combine to make a summery and vibrant combination. You can incorporate these two bright hues into the flowers, dresses, and decor. For a more subdued look, pair Cobalt with a neutral like white or silver, then use begonia to add pops of color and interest. Our Cobalt Unity Sand and Begonia Unity Sand are perfect together, and you can buy them in bulk to create beautiful centerpieces or other decor.

For a vintage feel, combine navy blue and blush pink. These two colors work together to create a romantic and soft feel, and they look great for a rustic or outdoor garden wedding. Our Marine Unity Sand and Pink Blush Unity Sand are perfect options for this color combination.

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2016 Fall Wedding Cake Trends

Posted on July 28, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Over-the-top, fondant-covered cakes are stepping down and being replaced by humble tiers and naked cakes instead. Check out these fall wedding cake trends for 2016.

Textured Frosting
Rather than decking out your cake in fondant flowers or intricate designs, opt for a textured frosting look instead. Not only is frosting only typically cheaper than fondant, but some would argue that it's tastier, too! The simple, sophisticated look can be dressed up with flowers and a cake topper, or left plain for a simple and modern look.

Naked Cake
If your not one for a lot of frosting, consider a naked cake for your wedding. They are great for rustic weddings, and look great with flowers or fruit adornments that give it pops of color. Set your cake on a timeless silver stand for an elevated look, or use a log for a rustic look. Dark chocolate cake with stark white frosting between layers makes a dramatic impact. Amp up the flavor with flavorful drips of caramel or chocolate.

Ditch the Cake
You could opt for a small cake for the traditional cake cutting and serve the rest of your guests pie. Pie is perfect for a fall wedding, and still can look beautiful enough to display. Offer a variety of flavors so there's something for everyone.

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Including Your Children in Your Wedding Ceremony

Posted on May 05, 2016 by Stacy Harbert

On your wedding day, the focus is typically on the happy couple. However, if you or your spouse have children, including them in the wedding ceremony is a great way to acknowledge their place in your changing family, whether they are children from your current relationship or past relationships. Since this is a big time of transition for your children, actively including them in the creation of a new family can give them a sense of assurance. Children from past relationships can use the ceremony as a way to form commitments with all of the members of their new family.

While you can have your children be a part of your bridal party, there are other creative ways to actively involve them in the ceremony, as well.

- Have your child(ren) walk you down the aisle.

- Give your children a gift that symbolizes the new family

- Include your children in your vows, or say separate vows directly to your children.

- Have a group hug after the kiss.

- Be introduced as a new couple and a new family.

- Have a family sand ceremony.

Creating a Family Sand Ceremony

A family unity sand ceremony is a beautiful and symbolic way to mark the creation of a new family as it shows the combination of three (or more) individuals represented by different colors of sand. The bride, groom, and child each use their own color of sand and pour them into a center vase, creating a keepsake that can be displayed in your home for years to come. If more than one child is involved, they can all use the same color of sand, or each child can pick their own color. That will help them feel even more involved in the ceremony and planning process.

One of our family-favorite vase sets is the 3-Piece Large Nesting Set with the 3-Piece Miniature Nesting Set (you can add it to your order directly from the large set). Each vase can be personalized with the children's names, so they'll have a keepsake to take home after the ceremony. You could even save some of the sand and each child can have their own version of the sand ceremony in their individual pouring vases.

Our Personalized Unity Sand Vase Set has a design style that allows you to add your children's names to the center vase with a saying of "A Circle of Love Makes Us One."

Many of our vase sets can be purchased with additional pouring vases, so it's easy to have a matching set for the family to use during the ceremony.


Unity Sand Ceremony Vows with Children

Today as _____ and ___ have sealed their commitment to each other with the exchange of rings they to make a commitment to their children. We recognize the significant role that (all of children's names) play in this marriage celebrated today. They will now join _____ and ___in this commitment to each other by contribution a part of each individual person into one blended family. Today, this relationship is symbolized through the pouring of this sand, each representing a member. As each individual's sand is poured into the family's one united container, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will become the bond with your family

From this day forth, you shall be more than one couple or two individuals – you shall be a loving and united family.You are a family drawn together by love and held together by devotion.

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Unique Guestbook Ideas

Posted on April 29, 2016 by Stacy Harbert
Thanks to Pinterest and creative brides everywhere, the traditional guest book is being replaced by fun alternatives. These alternatives help you give another personal touch to your wedding, and many of them are great for home decor when the wedding is over. Check out some of our favorite unique guest book ideas.

Wishes from Guests
There are many varieties of this guest book alternative. We love the fact that the married couple gets to take home thoughtful notes from their guests to read for years to come. Have guests write things like well-wishes or advice for the new couple. You can choose a style that fits your wedding's theme or your home decor so it can be displayed after the wedding. Scroll down to the end of the post to find out how to purchase these alternatives:

Frames and Art 
Give guests a piece of artwork or a framed photo of the couple to sign, and you'll have a guestbook that you can hang in your house and admire. We love this example of guests leaving thumbprints on a canvas to create the leaves of a tree. Use ink in your wedding colors to tie it in with your theme:

Use a Game or Puzzle
If you're a couple who likes to play games together, then using a game or a puzzle for a guestbook would be a fun way to fit your personalities. Have guests sign the back of puzzle pieces, or give them something like Jenga pieces to sign. Whenever you play the game or do the puzzle, you'll be reminded of your big day and everyone who was there to show their love and support.

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